Starting a new journey in Second Life

I have done lots of things on Second Life since I started playing in august 2007. I have been a club hostess, a roman Vestal Virgin and a senator (I know, roleplay sims doesn’t always make sense), then a Viking Warrior, moved on to the more naughty places on SL and became a stripper and later on an escort. My latest endeavour before leaving SL in 2014 for a three year break was training as a submissive in a Story of O roleplaying sim.

And now? Well I still like the naughty sides of SL, but I also like the more artistic side of it, so I will try to take as many pictures as I can to capture the wonderful Second Life we all can have 🙂


Bowling on my own

So I found this place with a bowling alley and decided to give it a try. Being friendless again, I decided to just play alone.

It took a little time to get the idea of what I was supposed to do, the first couple of tries ended up in the machine trying to humiliate me 😀 But then I started getting strikes and spares 🙂 If only it was this easy in RL 😛

It’s easy to win when you are the only one playing 😀

I will look forward to playing again, next time with some friends preferably 🙂


Second Life can be like a daydream. You can go explore all the corners of your mind and search for the things you dream about doing and more than likely it is available in Second Life. It just sucks that while doing so, you are sitting stationary by a PC maybe even in an uncomfortable chair, maybe snacking and drinking excessively, which, lets face it, really doesn’t make us feel good in the long run. But even so, SL is still so tempting and addictive and it’s so easy to get carried away and stay online for hours and hours on end. Personally I would rather not be without it, but it does require keeping up with my work out routines in RL and getting out socializing with RL people once in a while, or I would probably lose my mind completely – to SL.